Welcome to the general practitioner's office of Dr. Maring

We are a general practitioner's (GP) office in Bonn-Oberkassel with a warm atmosphere, modern equipment and very friendly personnel. Dr. Daniel Maring and his assistants speak both English and German and we equally welcome locals and foreigners seeking our help.

As a specialist in internal medicine and diabetology, Dr. Maring brings modern medical expertise and many years of experience in hospitals into the doctor's practice. We offer a broad spectrum of services with specialized diagnostic procedures and modern therapy strategies. In addition to basic health care we also offer basic psychosomatic services and preventive medical checkups and innoculations/vaccinations. We also offer disease-management programs, a comprehensive ultrasonic diagnostic and home visits by the doctor.
Our consultation hours (Sprechzeiten) are listed on the right of the page. Generally we prefer to make appointments with our patients but in case of acute problems, particularly pain, you can of course come and see us at any time during our consultation hours.
The doctor's office is located in Bonn Oberkassel on a street parallel to the Königswinterer Straße and can easily be reached by public transportation or by car from Bonn and Königswinter.
We are looking forward to your visit.